current work


stoneware dessert/side plate

a wabi sabi inspired plate that are client favourite.

these are hand formed pieces that have a slight imperfect shape which lends to the naturalness of the design. 

the exposed stoneware edge offers a slight texture and balanced contrast to the matte, white glaze.

enjoy your appetizers or desserts on these plates. also perfect for cheese and charcuterie sets. 


stoneware 8" tall vase / in acid white, pod and banded dip motifs 

a classic form and simple glaze on these larger statement vases have remained a classic over the years.  

the exposed stoneware marries well with the smooth glazed surfaces and it also provides a subtle sandy texture. 

let your florals and greens shine in these understated, classic vases.

photo : room6, deep cove

marie antoinette bud vases

marie anntoinette bud vases

a tried and true form, the wall bud vase was the first design made back in 2008. this skinny vase can be hung on the wall or placed on a flat surface. 

continually inspired by parisian motifs and culture, this collection features hand glazed images of marie anntoinette and her hair is formed by the plants of your choosing. each face carries its own personality as they are drawn free hand with subtle details.

a perfect piece for a small space or a collection of vases on a feature wall, these vases are client's favourite piece of work.