current work

pools of colour

porcelain planter vessels with cobalt : whimsy + pattern

we soft launched these last winter 2015 and are barely keeping up with the demand as they have been so well received. we will have a limited run of them at the Spring One of a Kind Show in Toronto ( Mar 23 - 27 ).

each one is hand painted with a rich cobalt blue inspired by travels to kyoto and the whitewashed villages of santorini.

these vessels are food safe and also perfect for a little succulent or cactus.

Violet 12.jpg

stoneware pod planter vessels in acid white

we designed these vessels as woodland creatures in mind inspired by the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

these organic pods are hand glazed by brush in a free form style and available in a variety of hues.  

use these as a wine or whisky vessel ( they are food safe ) or plant a little fern or plant in them.

photo : issha marie; model : melissa mills    art direction : grace lee


marie anntoinette oval platter 

always inspired and immersed in parisian motifs and culture, this collection feature free form and hand glazed images of marie anntoinette and her many hair designs. 

many clients collect these pieces are functional art as they describe them as ceramics paintings. we have sent off these pieces to france, the US and all over canada.

photo : issha marie; model : melissa mills    art direction : grace lee