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welcome to our first workshop combining our hand built clay practice and celebrating over a shared meal.

this workshop will have a morning session from 10am to 12:30pm and an afternoon session from 3pm to 5:30pm. the workshop will take place over 3 saturdays ( March 3, 10 and 17 ). the last session will be pick up day and we will serve a traditional korean meal called Bo Ssam in the 4-6 wares that you have created over the course. Bo ssam is a fresh wrap made with leafy greens and your choice of pork or tofu and served with the accoutrements that Korean's are known for called ban-chan.

the first session, we will go over design, preparation of the clay and finally creating your 4 to 6 small vessels. we will show you different basic techniques and design options in creating simple pieces that will serve your ban-chan.

the second session, your wares will be fired to a bisqued state which means it will be ready for glazing. we have many options for glazing and you may glaze your pieces simply or with all the colours of the rainbow. once you are finished, we will glaze fire your pieces which will cure your wares making them food safe.

in the third and final session, your beautiful wares will be fired and ready to be served in. we will present your wares in a Korean Bo Ssam setting to be enjoyed with your fellow makers in their wares. we will serve warm Korean tea with your meal and guide you as you compose your green wraps.

please let us know of any food allergies you have. we are offering a meat and vegan based meal and everything will be prepared naturally gluten free.