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{ Form to Feast } Matcha Tea Bowls & Matcha tasting with Whisk Premium Matcha / May 20 + 27 + June 3 / 10AM-NOON

  • OH studio #265 - 975 Vernon Drive Vancouver BC V6A 3P2 Canada (map)

Form to Feast is a hands-on workshop that combines a hand built clay practice with a celebratory shared matcha tasting and mochi treats. It will take place over 3 consecutive Sundays where you will be guided through the creation of wares. On the last day, we will have Kimmy of Whisk Premium Matcha prepare and serve a premium Japanese matcha for an artisanal tea tasting. She will pour the matcha into the bowls you have made during the workshop.

Sun. May 20 + 27 + June 3 / 10AM-NOON $150 ( including a gift of a Japanese whisk )

In the first session, we will go over design, preparation of the clay, and then spend some time forming tea bowl, mini spoon & side plate. We'll offer you some basic techniques and design options in creating simple pieces that will serve your matcha tea and mochi.

By the second session, your wares will be fired to a bisqued state, which means they are ready for glazing! We have a range of options for glazing, and you're welcome to approach with a minimalist eye, or with every colour of the rainbow. Once you're finished, we'll glaze fire your pieces, which will cure your wares making them food safe.

In the third and final session, a Matcha expert, Kimmy of Whisk Premium Matcha will grace us with an authentic premium matcha tasting. You will leave with a gift of a Japanese whisk which you can continue to practice preparing your own Matcha. 

Please let us know of any food allergies you have. We are handling nuts and dairy, so please do not take part if you are allergic. Everything will be prepared naturally gluten free.