current work

pools of colour

symphony dish : softer shades

these small, curved dishes perfectly cradle the palm of the hand. the textured stoneware is sanded smooth and creates a tactile experience as well as a soft landing pad for the eyes.

the glazes are thoughtfully paired and seamlessly blended by brush into pools of colour; almost like small, functional watercolours. 

the colours of glaze range from scarlet red & charcoal grey to celadon & butter yellow.

Violet 12.jpg

kidney dish : balloon motif

these organic shaped dishes are a staple in the eikcam collection. each piece is hand cut and formed, then glazed and illustrated one-by-one. 

the uses for this little dish range from serving food to holding soap to keeping trinkets. 

this balloon motif comes in array of colours and always one of its kind as they are glazed free hand. inspired by the celebrations had with the newest addition to the eikcam family.


thin garden party bud vases 

one of the first forms designed by eikcam and an evolving  progression of new motifs and shapes. this one being the most slender bud vase yet.

each disc is meticulously made and they are then uniquely incorporated on an illustrated surface and glazed a multitude of colours.

collectors of the vases hang them on the wall via a nail hole on the back or line them along a flat surface.

this garden party collection plays with 3D elements, colour palette and composition, all individually designed on a whim.